Use these 4 Interior Decorating Tips to Transform your Home

April 10, 2023 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home improvement

Wicker Paradise is an environmentally conscious company that offers wicker and rattan furniture to meet all your unique requirements. The staff is knowledgeable and keen to assist with all your questions and queries. Here are 4 suggestions from them to help you pick out the sets that will best suit your existing decor:

Consider making a statement wall to complement your wicker Sunroom Furniture. A good idea would be to use a bold color that picks up on the outdoor color palette. This will add depth and can be used as a bridge between the outdoor area and the indoors.

If you are a family of book lovers create a reading nook. Choose a comfortable Wicker Chair and add a standing lamp for extra lighting. Use a wicker magazine rack as a side table. Install near a fireplace or under a ceiling fan to be able to enjoy your nook in all seasons.

Spice Island Wicker is the perfect range to uplift your living space. This adds a light, tropical, natural feel to the room. Choosing to use wicker you are in a position to add and mix and match different styles. A suggestion is to be consistent and use many natural textures such as rattan and linen to round off the style.

When it comes to decorating your bedroom with Wicker Bedroom Furniture we understand this is a very personal space. You can incorporate wicker pieces into the room or invest in a full wicker bedroom suite including a dressing table and stool. This style can be completed by hanging a wicker mirror and adding a dresser. Use complementary colors on the curtains, throws, and cushions but mix up the patterns. This creates a cohesive look whilst pulling the room together.

Use these 4 Interior Decorating Tips to Transform your Home