Tips for choosing rattan furniture

October 27, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home improvement

Wicker furniture, made from synthetic rattan is all the rage right now. Go through any high-end lifestyle magazine, and all you will see are houses, patios, and outdoor spaces with wicker furniture. Here are some useful tips when choosing your wicker furniture by Wicker Paradise:


The most important element to look for is the quality of the weave. Often, that is the main feature that you can use to tell the difference between the good and bad sets. Ideally, you want nice tight weaves that won’t come apart over the years. Avoid anything that has protruding edges and strands or rough edges.


Another important factor is the frame. You will want a durable frame that will stand the test of time, preferably a powder coated aluminum frame. Please avoid steel as much as possible. When shopping around for a rattan furniture set, take a magnet to confirm that the structure is not steel.


The most important protection for your outdoor furniture is that you get one which has UB protection. Without it, the wicker will get brittle and disintegrate over time. The only alternative then is to use covers or move into storage during periods of intense sun or hot weather.


Get the most for your money by buying furniture with a square shape. Square furniture is easier to weave and as a result is a lot cheaper than some of the more exotic shapes in the market.