Three things to consider when buying foam

August 12, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home improvement

The following are the three most important factors to take into consideration when buying foam products like custom foam cushions.


The primary goal of foam is to support weight. The most important factor when it comes to supporting weight is the thickness of the foam. When you set out to buy foam, estimate what sort of loads you expect and then plan out the thickness accordingly. Note that foam that is less than three inches thick will feel softer than normal and foam that is six inches thick will feel harder than normal. The application of the foam will determine how much support you will want.


Most people equate comfort with softness. That is true only to a certain extent. When the foam is too soft, there is less support and that cause soreness around the back after a period of time. What you are looking for is a balance between comfort and support. For example, Foam Factory, Inc. adds a fiberfill which adds comfort without sacrificing support. You can order foam with the amount of comfort you want with the added benefit of the fiberfill.


When we refer to durability, it is the ability of the foam to maintain support over its lifespan. Higher density foam is more durable, has a greater resistance to compression, or bottoming out. If you want a foam for everyday or heavy use, high-density is the best choice. For irregular use, the low-density foam is an option.