The Pros of Freelance Interior Design

November 14, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hardware,Industrial and Manufacturing

Summary: There are various advantages of freelance interior design, which can make the profession a potential source of income.

Interior design is a competitive industry that can be difficult to get into. There are a variety of pros to the job that attract many people towards it. If you are on the fence about starting a career in freelance interior design, think about these perks that could come with the job.

Low Inventory Costs

One of the biggest problems new business owners struggle with is start-up costs. Needing a place to store all of your products can be tough, as inventory costs can quickly add up. Fortunately most interior designers can do a lot of their work on their computers. Researching, shopping at places like The Foam Factory, putting mock designs together, and figuring out how to design a space can all be done digitally. When it comes time to actually put the furniture in the house, the pieces can be sent directly from the furniture companies.

If you would prefer to see the furniture in-person before making a purchase, some manufacturers have physical locations you can stop by to determine what would work best for your client.

Something New

A problem some people have with the work they do is that it sometimes feels repetitive. Finding work that is both engaging and interesting is crucial, as it will reflect in the work you do, it will make you happier, and it will make what you do feel more meaningful. Each client you work with will likely require a different approach. An RV bedding might be what you need to tie a room together for one client, while a good color scheme could be what another client is looking for.

As a freelance interior designer, the work you will frequently do likely will not get dull. If you are someone who enjoys solving puzzles and likes a job that requires you to be able to think out of the box, then interior design could end up being a satisfying career path.


Another pro of doing freelance interior design is how flexible the position can be. In contrast to a traditional office job, freelance interior design can be more flexible with where you have to be to work. Since a lot of the work can be done digitally, you could likely work wherever you can bring your laptop.

Expanding on this flexibility, depending on where your clients are, you might be able to travel for your job. Even though your travels would be for work, you might like not having to spend your working hours in the same spot.

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The Pros of Freelance Interior Design