How to Make the Most of Your PTO

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Summary: Before you book your next trip, read below for some suggestions on how best you can use your PTO.


After finishing high school or college, many people go on to work full-time jobs. These jobs help people advance their professional careers, while simultaneously providing individuals with a source of income. Due to the nature of most full-time, nine-to-five jobs, employees receive only so much paid time off outside of regular weekends.


Paid time off is the perfect opportunity to go on vacation, get away from work, and get recharged. Since you only have so much PTO, it would be wise to plan to get the most out of your free time. Continue reading for some tips on how best to do so.


Travel Frequently


With limited time off, your first instinct may be to cash in on one giant trip sometime during the year. There is no denying that a long trip would be fun but shorter trips spread throughout the year may actually be more worthwhile. Instead of taking a couple of weeks off work, use the days off to create many long weekends. These long weekends are perfect for short trips in the area where you can still squeeze in some fun and clear your mind.


Strategic Planning


On a similar note, planning these mini getaways near major holidays can help you get the most out of your time off. For example, if there is a holiday on Thursday you can take Friday off to extend your weekend to a total of four days, while only using a single day off. This kind of strategic planning can help you stretch your vacation days out.


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How to Make the Most of Your PTO