How to Camp on a Budget

November 16, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hardware,Industrial and Manufacturing

Summary: If you want to go on a camping trip but do not have the money to spend on a cabin rental, there are some more affordable options that you can go for.

When most people think of camping they think about staying in a big cabin or camper. If you are on a budget and simply want to go on a quick weekend getaway, however, there are some options you can explore that are more affordable and practical.

Sleeping in Your Car

There are some camping sites that have space for you to park your car. If the site regulations allow it you could make your car your home for a few days. Sleeping in the backseat of your car might not be ideal but the car will protect you from any potential wind and rain you might experience at night.

If you need additional cushions, some stores like The Foam Factory offer small cushions that are both comfortable and moisture-resistant. If you choose to go down this route, make sure to pack carefully and use your space wisely. Since you will be using your car for both storage and sleeping you will want to avoid overpacking.

Sleeping in a Tent

If you would like a more authentic camping experience, then camping in a tent would be the way to go. If you decide to camp in a tent, however, make sure the tent you are using is high quality. A thin tent might be less expensive but it likely will not give you much protection from the elements. If you plan on camping every now and then, you should invest in a durable tent, rather than renting one out each time. Additionally, invest in replacement cushions you can use to separate you from the hard ground.