Why Cleaning Your Wicker Furniture is So Important

September 4, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home improvement

Summary: To keep your prized wicker furniture in tip-top condition, it’s highly recommended to maintain them accordingly.

When you’re cleaning your wicker furniture, you need to approach it much differently than you would your interior furniture. You can’t just spray it down and forget about it in hopes that all the dust, cobwebs, and other bacteria will just go away. You could potentially be damaging the structure of the piece itself.

Step 1: The Beginning Phases

Before you start cleaning, make sure that the product that you have purchased to clean the chair is safe for wicker material. Some harsh chemicals will cause the fibers or even Seagrass furniture to deteriorate much quicker than they should and reduce its overall shelf life.

Wicker Paradise, a trusted wicker manufacturer recommends that you only use cleaning products that are designed for cleaning wicker furniture. Choosing an ingredient that doesn’t work with wicker can cause significant, and possible irreversible, damage to your precious wicker furniture – as you already know, true wicker furniture is relatively expensive.

Step 2: Store Them

Another step that you must take when cleaning your wicker furniture is to store away your wicker furniture pieces when they are not being used. Not only are you protecting them from the changing weather patterns, but the constant sunlight and rain can tear apart wicker products with ease after being Justify out for some time.

Look to store your products in an appropriately sized bin that can fit outdoor furniture. After every use, be sure to cover all remaining wicker furniture pieces that aren’t stored away in order to provide them with a safe area.