Three Traits Every Good Patio Cushion Should Have

November 27, 2022 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Home improvement

Have you thought about what makes the ideal patio cushion? If you have an outdoor living area, you may be more focused on other details such as your umbrellas, outdoor decorations, or your patio pavement. However, a good patio cushion from a retailer such as The Foam Factory can play an integral part in keeping you and your guests comfortable and elevating the appearance of your outdoor furniture. Since it works in tandem with outdoor furniture pieces, the ideal patio cushion should also be practical enough for use outdoors. Here are three traits essential for any patio cushion in your outdoor living space.


Because of a patio cushion’s placement on an outdoor couch or chair, it will be exposed to moisture, rain, and other adverse weather conditions that can damage it if it is not built from a material that can withstand all types of moisture. The Foam Factory’s Dryfast cushions are ideal for a patio cushion because they have been manufactured to dry quickly even after being completely soaked. They are also made from antimicrobial materials that prevent the buildup of mold and mildew. These are traits that will serve any patio cushion well.

UV resistance

In a similar vein, patio cushions must also be able to withstand the hottest, brightest days of the summer. Without adequate protection, cushions and their fabrics may experience fading when exposed to intense UV rays. For this reason, you must either buy sun-resistant cushion covers or use a UV spray on your cushions. You’ll usually be able to buy UV protectant sprays at most department stores or home improvement stores.

Colorful fabrics

As we mentioned earlier, patio cushions aren’t just places for you and your guests to rest. They are also part of the overall scene you’ve established through your outdoor decor. Be sure to choose the right cushion cover design and color so that it fits with your established aesthetic. If you can’t find a design that pleases you at your chosen retailer, you can also look for an individual artisan online who can handcraft the perfect cushion cover design for you.

Three Traits Every Good Patio Cushion Should Have